Wood Chippers and Shredders

SLM Platform Hire supply chippers and shredders for use in timber shredding and disposal.

These items can be hired from us, or we can provide this as a service from SLM Property Services.

SLM Platform Hire specialist platform and tool hire timberwolf 150 chipper

Timberwolf 150 Tracked Chipper

Providing industry leading performance, reliability and durability at a very reasonable price, this iconic chipper remains the most popular machine for professionals within the arboriculture industry.

The chipper has a feed funnel designed to assist its powerful feed rollers. The rollers comprise six tough, independently mounted blades that bite and grip material before pulling it in.

It comes with a specially developed auto feed control to provide a consistent rapid feed without overloading the engine or blocking the chipper.

The Timberwolf 150 is capable of processing timber up to 6" thick with a throughput of 4 tonnes per hour.

This chipper is suited to major enterprise clients and large wood clearing projects.


SLM Platform Hire specialist platform and tool hire timberwolf 125 chipper

Timberwolf 125 Chipper

This chipper comprises a large feed funnel, twin feed rollers, an auto feed control and is a truly professional hydraulic chipper with simple controls.

The 125 is capable of shredding timber up to a diameter of 5" and can process up to 3 tonnes of wood per hour.

This unit is similar to the 150 and is more suited to smaller projects and domestic work.