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See below for a complete list of the different types of Camera Inspection Systems that SLM Platform Hire can provide.

SLM Platform hire Chimney Camera System

Chimney Inspection Camera

A professional, compact and highly portable camera system for use in chimneys, ducts and pipes.

Our system is supplied in a ruggedized plastic transit case for safe, secure transportation and weighs only 4.5kg. Supplied ready to work.

The camera head is supplied with a mounting bracket and fitted enabling the angle of the camera head to be adjusted dependant on the duct being inspected. The mounting bracket is secured to traditional chimney brushes, either ahead of the brush for a forward view or behind the brush head for a trailing view. The system is also supplied with 25 Mtrs of flexible trailing cable on a easy carry reel.

The camera head provides a wide viewing angle and has built in infra red illumination providing high resolution black and white images and outstanding picture quality.

The DS100 monitor unit has an SD Card Recorder (32GB capacity) to enable recording of still images and video.

SLM Platform Hire Drain Inspection Camera

Drain Inspection Cameras

SLM Platform Hire's Drain Inspection Camera provides a comprehensive upgradeable drain inspection camera system with 20 Mtr, 40 Mtr 60 Mtr and 120 Mtr options.

These cameras are mainly used for the inspection of guttering downpipes or drains where water ingress into a property is suspected from rain water.

Self Levelling Cameras and Meter Counter can also be specified.

All units are now available with voice and video recording direct to a USB Memory stick.

SLM Platform Hire Ultrasonic Detection Kits

Ultrasonic Detection Kits

SLM Platform Hire's ultrasonic leak detector kits work on the principle that ultrasonic sound waves set at 40 KHz will travel though any air passage, no matter how slight the crack between the inside to the outside of a building, structure, vessel or component that may have failed to remain air or watertight.

With a new streamlined design, the high performance, the leak detector kits that SLM Platform Hire supplies are innovative, unique, compact and fully portable.

The equipment utilises high-performance digital technology to identify precisely where water and air penetrates in applications such as buildings, claddings, boats, motor vehicles, aircraft, trains, sealed components, etc.